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Alvardo Street Brewing has arrived with several stellar beers. Alvarado Street Brewing opened two years ago in Monterey Bay and has provided a plethora of quality beers. With one of the most beautiful breweries and a wonderful kitchen Alvarado is poised for a big year with releases such as Haole Punch, Cold Pressed Hop Juice and Mai Tai. Today we will be reviewing Minesweeper, which is a single IPA that contains Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook hops.It is dry hopped at a rate of 3 pounds per barrel and provides us with a quality release.

The beer from the very beginning is noted for having an amazing balance. No particular flavor dominates the taste palette. The citrus flavoring of the beer is pleasant, offering some sweetness. The orange finish allows the beer to have a gratifying and refreshing finish. The beer drinks pleasantly over an extended period of time however although well balanced the beer due to being compared to other releases by Alvarado ultimately finds itself not being one of their most memorable beers. Although highly recommended if you are tight for cash I would highly recommend trying of their other beers first.


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