To own a Triple Cone


Alvarado Street Brewing is at it again this time I’m consuming their Triple Cone IPA. This beer contains their favorite Hops including Nelson, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, and 07270. This beer carries a high ABV at eleven percent. A common issue with most Triple Ipa’s is that they lack balance and can’t seem to find a balance with their flavors, often being very malty. Because this is an Alvarado beer I automatically have high expectations. And like usual Alvarado not only meets but exceeds my expectations. They have added sugar to it in the Dextrose. Dextrose is a short chain sugar and helps the yeast propagate it better. Less Dextrose could lead to offset the malt would trend towards it being better balanced.

The beer has a stone fruit flavor,  and has a nice orange appearance. The beer smoothes out really well as you drink with flavors exploding off the Palette. The beer has bitterness yet it smoothes out nicely and avoids the trouble of being poorly balanced. I really enjoyed the beer and while the eleven percent abv was tasted. The beer overall is well made and for hop head is a must try. If you have not already start drinking Alvarado Street Brewing. 4/5



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