Serene Tangerine


Stone Brewing is at it again with their Enjoy By Series. However for the second time in the series Stone is doing a variant of the classic Enjoy By. The first time Stone did a variant with the Enjoy By it was the Black Rye IPA which was stellar. This iteration involves Tangerines Nugget, Super Galena, Simcoe, Delta,Target, Amarillo, Cascade, Galaxy, Citra, Nelson, Sauvin, Motueka & Helga just as the hops to go with Tangerine Puree included in this rendition. The beer is very heavy and is a beer that while is easy drinking for IPA fans will be more challenging for average beer fans who might not be swayed initially to purchase the beverage if not for fact of the beer having orange in the flavoring.

The beer’s appearance at first does not make one think that this beer is actually has that much Tangerine flavoring. And looks are not that deceiving in this instance as the orange flavor is not that evident. Although beer tastes as good as other Enjoy By’s, the beer fails to have the orange actually balanced correctly. The beer has mild orange flavoring however I found towards the end of the beer with some air time that the beer had slightly more tones of what was advertised however I overall felt the beer lacked what was advertised. I overall enjoyed the beer but this was not as strong a rendition as previous Enjoy BY’s 4/5




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