Lady in Grey


IMG_4742 (1)

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales makes some of the best beer I have ever had. Anytime I find my way to Capitola it is absolutely necessary for me to make a stop and buy a bottle of whatever they are selling. While I had made the trip with the intention of going to try their most famous beer West Ashley I did end up buying a bottle of Lady In Grey to go. I was very excited to try the beer and decided to share the bottle with my friend Jim Turtuici (Who is launching a brewery called Bellpenny Brewing Co). and learn about beer with him.

The beer is fermented in French Oak and contains flaked and malted wheat. Like most farmhouse ales it has a wide variety of flavors. The beer tasted very sour on the onset and then smoothed out into a sort fruity after taste. The beer has a very acidic taste and like a lemon however also like a lemon the beer sweetens. The beer has an appearance that reminds the consumer of a white wine. I recommend the next time this bottle is released if you have the option to trade or go t the brewery and purchase it you should. 4.25/5

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