Howdy Haole



Alvarado Street Brewing is at it again. This time they have done what I am happy to say is my favorite beer by the brewery. This beer is a sour that has amazing flavoring. The beer despite not advertising it actually has a better orange flavor then other beers which have their platform centered around beer such as the Tangerine Enjoy by or the Blood Orange by Drake’s. This beer accomplishes several feats I was not expecting and ultimately is one of my favorite beers I have tried this year.

This beer comes highly recommended! The beer has a warm orange color and is astonishingly smooth. This kettle sour has Orange, Guava and passion fruit tones in it while being a really well balanced sour. I cannot praise this beer enough for its balance and its ability to be consumed in all circumstances. This beer can easily substitute for a mimosa, however this beer also due to having a low alcohol content (4.9%) ABV. It also can be a nice lunch time beer in substituting for a soda. The beer drinks smoothly and has a great sense of refreshment. This beer if it wasn’t already evident is one of the best beers I have had. 5/5


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