One of the goals of this platform is to always be promoting beer that is worth the time of the consumer and fans of Craftbeer. Thus when the website has a large amount of posts about certain Breweries it is only because they have or continue to make amazing beer. So when I gush about Sante Adairius it is only because I believe they are one of the best breweries on the planet. They can brew a variety of styles and do them all exceptionally well. Simplton by Sante Adairius is no exception and is another fine beer.

My friend a beetender at ISO Beers jokingly calls the beer a ManMosa. The notes of tropical orange citrus make for a very pleasant and balanced experienced. The beer has a really nice dry finish that enables the consumer to feel refreshed and wanting to attain another sip. This beer varies dramatically from batch to batch due to using different hops. Thus this review has no mention of hops. I also theorize that the beer uses different malt from batch to batch however this is not confirmed. If I had to urge people visiting the Bay Area to see a brewery Sante would absolutely be near if not the top of my recommendations. 4/5


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