Where’s Waldo?

IMG_4725 (1)

While many people around California celebrate 4/20 by inhaling and exhaling I start my 4/20 with a different tradition. At 4/20 I go to the tapping of the Waldo Special Ale from Lagunitas. The beer is another gem out of the One-Hitter series by Lagunitas. The beer is kegged at 4:20PM on 4/20, however I was fortunate enough to get bottles before 4/20.While drinking the beer I noticed it has a very nice balance considering it is a double IPA and has an 11.5 ABV. The beer is amazing in this regard as people who do not conventionally drink double IPA’s were happily sipping away with ease and joy.

The beer has an amazing aesthetic having almost a golden orange glow that in sunlight makes the beer look as good as it tastes. The beer has an incredible aroma smelling very dank. The beer drinks with a very sweet flavor and has a really nice hop balance with malt that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. The beer’s flavor doesn’t suffer from the high alcohol content and makes for a nice drink anytime.The beer has a wide array of flavors with a variety of fruit seeping through. I highly recommend this beer and encourage if you it on tap have a pour. 4.5/5.



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