A Big Sipper will get you Knee Deep


Imperial/Double IPA’s are often poorly balanced beverage and load alcohol content. However Knee Deep Brewing does a good job of ensuring that all their IPA’s even with a high alcohol content will usually have a great sense of balance in their beers. However as previously displayed through releases such as Simtra, Breaking Bud, and Hoptologist, Knee Deep has proven that making balanced IPA’s is not only a strength but something they have expertise in. They have received such high praise among IPA enthusiasts and as a fellow IPA enthusiasts I can safely say that all the praise is well founded and Big Sipper is another fine addition to their quality list of IPA’s.

The beer like all other Knee Deep beers goes down smooth and the flavor profile is awesome. The beer is very fruity and unlike most Imperial/Double IPA’s it does not have a dominant Malt characteristic. Once the beer aired a bit I was able to pick up on some mild fruit undertones. However I overall didn’t enjoy this beer nearly as much as Simtra which I personally consider to be on the same quality level as Pliney. This beer is nice but nothing which I would go out of my way to purchase. 4/5



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