The West is the Best


The West Ashley is one of if not the most sought after beers from Sante Adarius a brewery based out of Capitola California. The beer was released to the tune of over 100 people waiting outside. The store has a three-bottle limit per customer, which retail at $20 a bottle. The beer is aged in a French oak pinot noir barrel with apricots and microbes. Sante has the tag line “Know your Brewer “and after drinking this master piece I feel very inclined to try every Sante Adarius iteration.

The West Ashley appearance is the most striking thing. At first glance the beer was far more orange than other beers, which advertise having orange, or fruit that has an orange pigmentation. The beer has on the outset an apricot taste however the beer then sours in a very pleasant however not too acidic in an unpleasant manor. The beer is soothing throughout consumption with no flavor dominating the overall pallet. This beer is a must from a brewery that has easily grown into being one of my favorite breweries. For anybody interested or well versed this is a must consume and easily one of if not the best sour I have ever had. 5/5.



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