She’s my Cherry…


Very rarely do I get to enjoy a beer from Brouwerij Lindemans. The brewery is based out Vlezenbeek Belgium and offers a large array of great beers. Vlezenbeek has the advantage of being in an area that micflora (tiny bacteria) that aide in producing distinct flavors for their beer. Much like how the weather and agriculture in California lends itself to the beer brewed in the area. Brouwerij Lindemans has been around since 1882 and today we will be dissecting their Kriek Lambic which some claim is the first fruit beer they ever exported to America.

The Kriek Lambic is a very pleasant beer. The beer uses Cherry Juice, which is the dominating flavor in the beer. The flavor profile does not have much depth however this is not a bad thing as some beers will often try to do too much and often make a beer that forgets the actual purpose of tasting good. The beer has a mild wine taste to it, which is very welcoming for wine enthusiasts or people who enjoyed the Petit Verdot from Fieldworks. The finish on the beer is tart and leaves a pleasant lingering taste. I would definitely recommend this beer and would anybody who has an opportunity to try it. 4.5/5




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