Once you go Blackberry you never go back


Almanac brewing has been a rising brewery based out of San Francisco California. They are known for making sour beers that are some times infused with fruit flavoring. Favorites such as the Pluot, Hoppy Azacca, and their Emperor Norton continue in the tradition of quality beer from the brewery. They are known for infusing fruit to barrel, which is part of what inspired their slogan “Farm to Barrel”. Today we will be dissecting their Blackberry Reserve a beer that comes from their Farm to Barrel Series.


The Blackberry reserve is a blonde ale much like Firestones “805”. However unlike 805 the beer is infused with BlackBerry’s from the Santa Cruz Mountains along with being aged in wine barrels.. The Blackberry Reserve’s flavoring is light at the beginning however the sour mouth feel of the beer is super light although the acidity does drag from the beer initially. The sourness is well balanced with the Blackberry and as the beer aired it tasted sweeter as well as smoother. I loved the beer however a $12 price tag will drive some away. If you are willing the pay the price the beer is lovely and another welcome addition to the Almanac Family. 4.5/5




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