Lime okay with it


The Ancient Mariner Lime Gose by Fieldworks Brewing is the love child of beer and limeade. The beer drinks really easy and is another instance where Fieldworks displays their ability to brew a wide variety of beers that appeal to different pallets yet are all quality and taste good. The beer is a great beer to introduce people to styles of beer such as sours, gose’s and flanders red ales. The beer flavor profile is interesting and leads the to consumption of the beer to be at times mildly challenging.


The flavoring of the Mariner Lime Gose is distinct and the beer although pleasant to drink does wear on the consumer and a 13OZ serving does at times actually feel like too big a pour for the style of beer. The beer although delicious has a very strong citrus flavor that borders on acidic and while pleasant and remaining smooth to consume it does make your face feel mildly puckered. The beer drinks like a lager, which might make its mass appeal higher however I found myself tired of the beer during the consumption process. Don’t get me wrong this beer is good and should be consumed by people looking for a sweet and sour experience. 3.75/5



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