Expiration date as the brand Image?


Stone Brewing has long been one of the faces of craft beer and continues to this day as being one of the ambassadors for the industry. Founded in San Marcos California the brewery has always been known for their Gargoyle mascot and their wide variety of IPA’s. Their Arrogant Bastard Ale which is their most famous beer however Stone does not make just ales and is always willing to experiment and create new beers. Today we will be delving into their Enjoy by series, which is built around a concept of the beer having a quick turnover from brewery to shelf and the advertisement for the bottle being the expiration date.

The Enjoy by I will be consuming is the 4/20 rendition which is released annually. Although Stone is known for releasing Enjoy By’s on a regular basis the 4/20 edition is the only one of the Enjoy By’s that is released with consistently the same expiration date. The beer starts of as a lot of stone beers do with being very bitter. However upon the second sip the beer grows into this rich floral experience with a touch of fruitiness. The malt versus hop balance is on point and the beer drinks very smoothly. This rendition also does have a very “skunky” smell and is as the neck of the bottle says “Devastatingly Dank”. This is a must try for all IPA fans and is great in bottle or on tap. 4.75/5




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