Very rarely do I enjoy a beer that crosses the boundary between being enjoyed by Craft Beer enthusiasts and general public. However Lagunitas Citrusinenis accomplishes this feat and is a welcome addition to a long list of wonderful beers from the brewery. Lagunitas is based out of Petaluma California and has recently opened a brewery in Chicago Illinois. They are known for a wide variety of good beer including their IPA, their Born Yesterday Pale Ale and Lil Sumthin. Citrusinenis accomplishes what seems impossible at times in appeasing an emerging market while catering to a market that at times never seems appeased.


Citrusinenis is a Shock top on steroids. Using Sanguinello blood oranges and with more wheat the beer is a variant of their New Dogtown Pale Ale which is a staple in the Lagunitas catalog. The beer has orange flavor however the flavoring is very well balanced so the orange flavoring is never overwhelming yet it is still able to be tasted throughout the consumption of the beer. The balance of the beer is key as it makes for a really smooth finish while also feeling refreshing. This is a joyous beer and if you have the opportunity to drink it is a must. 5/5




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