Grapes? In a beer?

Petit Verdot

Fieldworks continues to make beers that have unconventional structure to their beers. A fine example of this is their Continental Drift which uses Hops from three different continents. This time they have used a petit verdot grape which is used in a small percentage of wines relative to France.Also from France is the sea salt used to give the beer some sourness .The beer has cranberry juice like aesthetic and surprisingly the finish of the beer has a mild cranberry flavoring. Although this beer looks like juice it is the furthest thing from juice.

The beer when you first glance has a phenomenal red look with a mild touch of pink. Upon tasting the beer the flavor is very unexpected. It took me consuming half the pour to even have a sense of being able to convey all the flavors I was tasting. However after a while I came to understand that the flavor I was tasting was kind of how I imagine leather tasting with a hint of tobacco. While one might think that this is a bad thing I found the beer to be pleasant. The beer is tart as well as mildly sweet just like some wines. This beer much like an IPA benefitted from some time to air and with each sip I found my self enjoying the beer more and more. This beer is absolutely not for everyone and I warn that many people might not like the beer but if you are willing to try something new this is a great choice. I rate the beer 4/5 stars.


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