No Bill Murray but there is a Catty Shack

Catty Shack

In the Craft Beer industry there have many beers named or connected to pop culture. Altamont Beer Works has tapped into this with previously named beer’s such as Berry White and Mac Drizzle. Altamont Beer Works is based out of Livermore California and has been one of the California breweries viewed as being on the rise. They are mostly known for their IPA’s and today I’m trying their “Catty Shack”a single IPA with a seven percent ABV. The beer is really well balanced with more hops and a light malty feel. The beer is not very bitter (In relativity to an IPA) and has a very refreshing feel post consumption. The beer has very light grapefruit and tangerine flavoring. The grapefruit flavor is very light and should not be compared to Grape Fruit Sculpin or High Sea by Fieldworks Brewing.

The beer that it reminded me of was Alpine Brewings “Duet’. Although they use different hops, the beers had many similarities. Both beers are very well balanced and all other breweries that want to create an easy drinking IPA with a above average alcohol content should take note. Both beers would appeal to people new to drinking IPA’s but would also appeal to those who are avid IPA drinkers. I overall really enjoyed my experience drinking Catty Shack and would give it 4/5 stars.




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