Collab Beers

Relatively Hopiness

Collaboration Beers are some of the most popular releases among the Craft Beer Community. Collaborations (especially local) garner a tremendous amount of attention. Among the current craft beer darlings are Alpine Brewing ;who are famous for Duet, Nelson and Pure Hoppiness among many other wonderful beers, did a collaboration with Fieldwork Brewing. Fieldwork Brewing Company is based out of Berkley and while new, they have the Craft Beer community’s attention. Notable releases such as the Morning Time Stout, Meloncotte and Supercell have all been received with praise and jubilation. Together they have released a collab called “Relative Hoppiness”.

The beer is a double IPA that delivers a nice floral taste that gives the consumer a nice light IPA which made me feel refreshed at the time of consumption. The beer ultimately felt like Alpine had more input then Fieldworks in the brewing process.The is not a negative but rather a common trend that happens in when collab beers are released.

Both breweries should become more relevant as they continue to become more well known. Part of the appeal of a collab beer is that they can gain potential crossover appeal in markets which they have previously not been relevant in. Seeing as how Alpine is in Southern California and Fieldworks is in Northern California this should provide good exposure for both breweries.




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